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Peter Blight is signed up to the DSA Code of Practice


This information is provided to students learning to drive in Folkestone with Peter Blight

and taking driving lessons in Folkestone or driving lessons in Hythe


CODE OF PRACTICE (CoP) for Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) and Potential Driving Instructors (PDIs) who hold a valid Trainee Licence


Personal Conduct


·     The instructor will seek at all times to comply with the law and, in particular,  legislative requirements related to discrimination, data protection,

     trading standards,  the workplace and road safety


·     The instructor will at all times treat clients with respect and consideration


·     The instructor will maintain professional standards of personal hygiene and dress


·     The instructor should not knowingly create or enter a situation where they and the client are likely to be unobservable


·     Offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality to the client should be avoided in order to prevent any undue misunderstanding or offence


·     The instructor, being in a position of trust, should avoid any behaviour which encourages a physical or emotionally dependent

     relationship to develop with a client 


·     The instructor will endeavour to maintain his skills and knowledge to the required minimum standards


·      The instructor will avoid physical contact with a client except in an emergency



·      The instructor will not make contact with the client via phone, text, email or any other means unless the nature of the  

     communication is wholly business related


·      The instructor will not make comments or converse with the client about issues that could be deemed inappropriate,

     discriminatory, lewd or offensive



·      The instructor will liaise with DSA and its contractors’ to complete the necessary documentation to allow criminal record checks

     to be completed when required



·      The instructor will not use a mobile phone (including hands free phones) whilst deemed to be in control of the car, whether

     from the driver or passenger seat



·      The instructor will ensure that the car is fit for purpose in that it is roadworthy, clean, odour free and a suitable environment

     where tuition can take place


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