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Pass Plus
Learn to drive without killing your girlfriend!  


Who will stand by you when you're in a wheelchair?


Take your Pass Plus 


A six hour course to improve your driving skills when you've passed your test


20% of New Drivers crash in the First Six Months!


Bad driving now kills more Young People than Drugs or Guns



So you finally passed your driving test.  Only to crash on the way home from your first drive out on your own, or after a good night out with your mates.  If it's any consolation, you're not alone... 


 A staggering one in five of new drivers are involved in an accident within months of getting their licence!  Young drivers are involved in 15% of serious accidents yet they make up only 4% of drivers on the road.  Nor are these harmless teething problems' or minor accidents.  There are also many that happen without being recorded


The accidents we are talking about can result in death or serious injury 


If you survive you might never walk again.  What sort of life will you have then?

According to research, unsafe driving now kills more young people than drugs or knife crime 

And more girlfriends are killed by their partners' driving than by their own driving!  

Young males are especially vulnerable - in spite of the fact that many drive as though they are invincible.  With offficial figures suggesting that young men are 10 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than older, more experienced drivers.  Studies show that problems arise after the test for various reasons, many linked to attitude and some to lack of experience.


  Pass Plus helps to identify these problems before they become deadly!

Don't get it wrong.  Get further training and don't kill your girlfriend!

Talk to your instructor and take your Pass Plus.  It can happen to YOU


Pass Plus


A six hour course to improve your driving skills when you've passed your test