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         Grade A Approved Driving Instructor


Dominik Calus

23 January 2018

 The first pass of 2018 

Thank you very much Peter, it’s been a great pleasure driving with you. You stand out as having the patience of a saint, giving clear and easy to follow instructions as well as being a great bloke to spend 20 hours + in a car with. Highly recommended!


Emily January

18 December 2017
 The last pass of 2017 

I’d never particularly planned on learning to drive until I was forced to by life.  I’ve always struggled with spacial awareness so I was pretty nervous about starting, but Peter put me at ease.  I definitely felt like I was being pushed in my lessons, but never too far, always building on what I’d already learnt.  I would definitely recommend Peter to people looking for an instructor.  In teaching me to drive he helped me to do something I never thought I would.  Happy New Year!  Emily


Oliver Neely

21 November 2017
 1st time pass / 1 driver fault

Peter is extremely experienced, not just in what it takes to pass the test first time but what it takes to be a good and safe driver.  His process is very thorough in making sure that you gain all of the knowledge and experience to effectively take on the driving test.   Peter provides this information in easy to understand and digest sheets that can be used to refer to at any time.  And all those little extras help to make sure that you end up a well-rounded driver with all the experience you need.  Oliver

Devi Patel

13 July 2017

 1st time pass for Devi Patel

What can I say, I am lost for words!  Peter has been absolutely AMAZING!  He has had the patience of a Saint and has always kept me going when I thought that I could never do it.  The encouragement and positive attitude will never be forgotten.  Peter, I will never be able to thank you enough for allowing me to be free and for the sheer patience, understanding and support.  I will never forget our first lesson and I certainly will never forget our last.  THANK YOU!!

Caitlyn Humbles

07 July 2017

   A sunny Hastings girl

I joined Pete after already having previous driving lessons and being from outside Folkestone, but he helped massively and always emphasised becoming a 'driver' rather than a learner!  He's hilarious, honest and super helpful.  I would highly recommend Pete to anyone who's willing to give 100% and definitely get it back - with a laugh along the way! 

Dan Yakovenko

17 July 2017

   First time for mad Russian!

Full of banter, non-judgmental, simply amazing, and a right old laugh :) Pete will guide you from the very first stages of not being able to drive off in a manual to screaming "GAS!!" as your terrified eyes see the rev counter in the red zone. Not many driving instructors will possess the understanding of individual needs and awareness of the fact that you might just not be having a good day, and be willing to slow and break down the learning process to compensate. Pete has this ability which make me feel very lucky to have chosen him as my instructor.  Whether you're cocky or anxious about your own driving, Pete will make you feel at home, humble you, make you smile, and nonetheless, teach you to drive! A great character as well as teacher; I would recommend him to anyone starting out!

~ Dan Yakovenko

Matt Sayer

11 July 2017

    Matt the man!

Thank you so much for teaching me to drive safely but also making each lesson enjoyable!  I'm loving driving now that I've passed and I still hear you in my car telling me what I should be doing!  Couldn't recommend you more to my friends, as long as they can stand the occasional singing 😉 Thanks!!  


29 June 2017

   First time for Chris

My first instructor destroyed my confidence and I never thought I would pass my test, but thanks to Peter and the way he teaches my confidence was restored.  I passed first time and even now I am reminded of the correct manoeuvres thanks to the way this man teaches.  I can’t thank you enough Peter - you’re a legend!


Kerri Williams

08 May 2017

    Kerri nailed it!

Thank you so much Peter Blight for being the best driving instructor ever!  You had the patience, confidence and cracking personality to get me to the end and a first time pass.  I will forever be grateful for the massive change you've made in my life.  Kerri x


Praraj Selkar

31 March 2017

    1st time for Praraj

Got a first time pass and still don't know how! I couldn't have done it without the help of Peter.  Not only was he a great teacher, but also he was a great person who believed in me at times when I didn't.  He always made the lessons fun and installed a lot of confidence into myself.  I highly recommend Peter for anyone who wants to learn how to drive.

Callum Redman

22 March 2017

    Cerebral Palsy?  No problem!

I have nothing but thanks for Peter for teaching me how to drive.  When I started I was unsure on how well I would be able to drive, and if it was even possible!  Peter is an excellent teacher and will take time with any student to ensure they are getting the best teaching possible.  Having Peter as my instructor allowed me pass first time and I couldn't be happier!  Thanks for everything Peter.   Callum

Owen Oclee

27 December 2016

    A very special pupil :)

Peter is a brilliant teacher who put my mind at ease from the get-go and gave me the confidence to pass first time with only two minors.  It's impossible not to get along with Peter, he's very friendly and easy to talk to which is exactly what you need when you're sat nervously on your first lesson as I was!  I can't recommend him enough, thank you Peter!


Something different

26 November 2016

       Five different pupils! 

Something different from the usual testimonials.  Five pupils that passed their tests with confidence and not a little skill.  Jade Townley, Morgan Sheller, Shaun Forster,  Bradley Howell and Connor Tagg.  They were all welcome - if a little different from my usual crowd.  Morgan liked to smile too much, Jade was just a little odd, Brad was always over confident but finally got a grip on it, Shaun was full of chat, and Connor was in a local band.  All interesting pupils to have in my car.  I looked forward to the challenge and they all wanted to become good drivers - very important to enjoying your lessons and the anticipation of knowing when you pass your test you are going to be a safe and responsible driver.

Kate Batson

15 July 2016

  Did herself proud!

I passed my practical test first time and honestly would not have been able to it without the help of Peter.  Always full of conversation, jokes, banter and never without a smile on his face.  Like most people, I struggled with a few things but never once did Peter become impatient and he explained things in the simplest of ways!  You are not held back in anyway with Peter, in fact he was the one that suggested booking my test.  If anyone out there is looking for an instructor then I highly recommend this man! My Friday mornings just aren't the same without his company :-) Kate xx

Grace Reed

26 May 2016

  Short and sweet!

Passed first time with Peter!  I could not have asked for a better teacher.  I will genuinely miss our driving lessons and our little sing songs.  Such a lovely guy and helped me majorly.

Edyta Rodzik

20 April 2016

   Fantastic confidence boost!

Well, where shall I start..?

First time I got into a car was 8 years ago.  The experienced left me convinced: I will never be able to drive.  The person that introduced me to driving took away all my positivity and confidence about being able to drive, and what's more enjoying it.  I gave up, and then... I met PETER!  :)  Without him I would never be able to believe in myself.  He gave me my confidence back, made me believe I can do what I saw as impossible.  Peter is a very friendly person who always makes you feel comfortable and welcome.  You can never say when he's having a bad day as he always stays positive and smiles!  What's the most important to mention is his teaching skills.  I can still hear his voice telling me what to do when I drive by myself.  It's like he's there with me, and the impact he had on me as a teacher helped me a lot on my test!  Not even once did he make me hate driving, for all this time he patiently taught me how to do my best on the road and got my confidence back!  I cannot find words to explain how lucky I was to be one of his pupils.  He certainly is one of a kind!  Thank you very much, Mr Blight, and see you on the road!  ;)

Steve Nicol

25 February 2016

  First time - 1 driving fault!

I have to admit when I first got behind the wheel i was nervous, but with Peters constant support and careful instruction through all stages of my progression to becoming a competent driver i managed to pass my test with just a single minor.  For me this was a huge achievement and I owe big thanks to Peter for sticking with me through all the neck pains I have more than likely given him! :)  To anyone looking for someone patient and willing to give you lessons around your schedule, Peter is the man! 

Sarah Johnson

24 February 2016

  1st time - just like her sister & best friend!

I can’t thank Peter enough for helping me learn to drive.  I never thought I would pass first time with only 5 minors!  If your looking to drive with someone who is calm and is always in a good mood, praises your achievements and sings now and then!  Then Peter is the best person to go with.  Thank you Peter for helping me achieve what I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time.  And I appreciate when I had to change days and times and you always fitted me in so I never missed out on any lessons.  Thank you for everything Peter!  Smiling face with smiling eyes

Linda Heslop

18 December 2015

  Smashed it!

I was recommended to go with Peter as my boyfriend passed first time last year.  I then went on to also pass first time with him!  Peter was amazing to learn with and made me feel so comfortable and confident by the time we booked in for my test!  Always so joyful and never dwelled on anything I did wrong!  I would definitely recommend for anyone learning and can't thank him enough!

Sam Jenkins

15 December 2015

  Third in the family with a 1st time pass

It was an easy choice for my family choosing Peter Blight as my driving instructor!  Both my cousin & sister passed first time with him.

Peter gave me all the confidence I needed.  He was very patient and it paid off as I passed first time and now feel I'm a very safe driver.

I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor.  Sam

Justin Edwards

27 October 2015

  First time for Gentleman Justin

Hello Peter,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your time and effort you put into helping me pass my test today, first time with only 4 minors.
I think you are a truly amazing driving instructor and a top guy too.
The moment I sat in your car and your humour came to life it put me at ease, you're so laid back but you get the job done.
If only there were more instructors out there as perfect as you.
I will miss my lessons with you and you repeatedly asking me 'where the postman is' and then the 'boy on bike'.  It may sound funny but it actually stuck in my brain and will be for years to come.
If anyone is looking for lessons with someone who is cool, calm and funny, look no more!!!  Justin

Jessica Boucher

26 October 2015

  First time pass for Jessica

I was far from an experienced driver when I first started taking lessons with Peter, and when asked what sort of car he had I answered 'a red one'.  But I quickly grew to enjoy my lessons; the jokes and honest conversations between intense manoeuvers helped me feel more comfortable in the driving seat.  I was honestly not expecting to pass first time and yet here I am.  I would recommend Peter to anyone who is quite shy and needs coaxing out of their shell...
Thank you so much, Peter, for both your patience and humor.

Abbi Staveley

10 September 2015

  First time for Abbi

Highly recommend Peter.  Always enjoyed my lessons and he was always patient with me, even when I took my time in learning something new.  Peter is a great driving instructor and I passed first time!

Natalie Shortall

08 September 2015

  2 faults for Natalie

Peter is an excellent driving instructor with a lot of patience and a very thorough teaching style.  I was not a confident driver to begin with, but Peter helped change this which led me to a pass with only two minors.  He works on a personal basis and is really good at picking out and improving weaknesses.  I can't thank him enough and would recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive! 

Andy Frost

20 August 2015

 Great examiner's comments and a good pass for Andy!

Peter is a nice bloke with a great style of teaching.  He is easy to get on with and has good banter.  He is also very patient which made for relaxed lessons.

He knows his stuff and has lots of experience.  You’re in good hands with him.  So if you’re looking to pass I would recommend you choose Peter.

Kay Whitehead

10 July 2015

 First time from Kay

Thank you for being such an excellent driving instructor Peter.  I will miss our lessons together.  Your positivity and patience made learning to drive easier and more fun than I thought it would be.  Thanks to your knowledge and experience, you have given me the tools to pass my test but also to be a good driver.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants to learn how to drive - Kay

Annie Murrells

17 April 2015

 Cool, calm and passed 1st time!

Thank you so much for helping me pass my test first time - something I didn’t ever think possible before switching instructors!

Peter has taught me how to drive in all situations and to remain calm and confident throughout and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Annie

Grace Willey

14 April 2015

 Nice one Cyril!

Can’t thank Peter enough for helping me pass my test first time with only 3 minors!  I doubt there are any other instructors who would have been as patient with me and would have helped my confidence as much as Peter has.  It’s been so much fun learning to drive with him, mostly because he’s so welcoming and full of jokes.  I would seriously recommend Peter to anybody who is wanting a fun learning experience - Grace

Lucy Bedwell

10 April 2015

 A great pass by Lulu - 10th April

Passed my test first time with only 3 driver faults!! Highly recommend Peter, gave me so much confidence and taught me how to drive safely and properly, a really nice man always understanding and very easy to get on with, Thank you so much!! 

Rowena Hosier

20 March 2015

/siteimages/rowena hosier - copy.jpg A welcome pass by Rowena - 20th March

Thank you ever so much Peter for helping me pass my driving test.  You are the best!  Failed my test twice from a different instructor, had lessons with Peter and passed it in one go! How about that! ;)  Would recommend Peter to any one.  Patient, funny ( in a nice way), flexible and provides free sweets!

David Tranter

20 February 2015

 Great pass by David - 20th February

Before I booked my first lesson with Peter I convinced myself that I could never learn how to drive.  Peter was always calm, patient and explained driving in a way that avoided overcomplicating it.  Quickly I began to enjoy driving rather than being scared of it and always looked forward to our lessons.  I can not recommend Peter enough as an instructor.

If I can pass,  trust me,  anyone can - with Peter!

Demi Williams

09 January 2015

 First pass of 2015 - 1st time 9th January 2015

I'd really like to thank Peter Blight for being a great instructor and helping me pass my test first time!  Not only did he help me to develop my driving skills but also helped me feel confident when on the road.  Peter was my second instructor as I wasn't at all confident with my first instructor and my Theory certificate was running out.  Peter restored my confidence and I passed a day before my Theory ran out!  I will recommend Pete to anyone looking to build their confidence and pass their test first time.  Thank you so much.  Demi

Sabrina Cleghorn

17 December 2014

 Passed my practical test first time!!

This is incredible news if you know me, and it is all down to Peter's tuition, guidance and patience.  He is calming and I never felt that he would lead me into a situation on the road that I wasn't capable of driving out of.  A lovely man and I am also pleased to say, now a great friend.  Thank you so much - this is going to change mine and my family's life for the better.  Sabrina Cleghorn 

Jamie Godwin

12 December 2014

 Thank you Peter!

After my first instructor I had lost all confidence in my driving.  I felt at ease with Peter from the very first lesson.  His patience and guidance has taught me not only how to pass my test, but how to be a confident and safe driver.  Peter supported me in all areas of my driving and made sure that I took my test only when I was completely ready (which meant that I passed first time with only 4 minors!).  I can’t recommend Peter enough!  Cheers Peter, Jamie J

Lauren Gatehouse

10 November 2014

 Lauren Gatehouse passes her driving test!

Passed my test with 5 minors!  I couldn't recommend Peter enough to anyone who is not only looking to learn to drive but also to be confident when passed.  Not only is he patient, but he ensures that you feel confident with his encouragement and optimism.  He was also brilliant at preparing me for my test and ensuring I took it at the right time.   Overall I had a completely enjoyable experience learning to drive. Thank you, Peter!

Will Bygrave

03 November 2014

 Will Bygrave - joins his two sisters with a first time pass!

Passed my test first time with only 4 minors!  With thanks to Peter I was able to keep calm and drive well.  Peter is renowned for being patient and certainly surpasses expectation.  Peter does not just teach you how to pass your test, he teaches you how to become a driver.  He never loses his calm and fills you with belief.  Couldn’t recommend Peter enough!


Sushila Roka

13 August 2014

 Passed my test!

Hello Peter.  Thank you for kindly looking after me for the past two years (either side of my first year at Uni).  I have finally passed and that couldn't have been possible without all your effort, encouragement and your optimistic believe in me!  Once again thank you for everything.  I can't imagine ever having another instructor than you. Peter is the best.  Thank you so much  :)  Sushila

Gamze Dalkilic

23 July 2014

 Passed first time 23 July 2014

Passed my test first time!  Although English is not my mother tongue, language is not a problem when learning to drive with Peter.  He has all the skills that you would expect from your instructor.  He is friendly, calm, understanding, positive and most importantly he is patient!  Would I recommend Peter Blight?  Absolutely! 

Thank you so much Peter.

Stacy West

17 July 2014

  Passed first time with 5 minors

As an 'older' learner I had picked up a few bad habits from watching people drive over the years and didn't know what to expect.  Peter was very patient in correcting these common mistakes and made me feel at ease.  We learnt at my own pace and Peter never criticised me or made me feel I couldn't do it.  He always made me feel calm when I was feeling my most nervous and because of the friendly manner he taught in I passed my test first time.  Our lessons were always positive and I would highly recommend Peter for anyone looking to learn to drive - no matter what age.

Sarah Hatcher

03 July 2014

  Passed first time with 2 minors

Passed my Practical Driving Test first time with only 2 minors! Thank you so much Peter Blight for being a fantastic instructor!

Jake Carey

04 June 2014

  Passed first time with Peter Blight - 4th June

This guy is a legend!

Hit it off from the very first lesson, very patient especially when it came to roundabouts!

I passed first time.  Would definitely recommend Peter Blight to everyone  :))

Joe Bridle

13 March 2013

 Passed first time - 13 March

I cannot thank Peter enough for his patience whilst teaching me to drive. From the very first lesson I felt at ease. Lessons were always productive and fun too. Passing first time with three minors was mostly down to him and I didn't tire of our lessons one bit!! Tracking my progress each week helped me understand what I needed to improve on and by the following week, we would have sorted it!! When it came to test day, I couldn't have been more prepared. I couldn't recommend Peter enough - you cannot go wrong!


Ollie Simon Bush

16 December 2013

 Passed first time - 16 December

I can't thank you enough, Peter.  Passing first time with one minor.  Your skill in delivering top quality lessons is second to none.  This with the great banter made my lessons enjoyable.  I will recommend you to anyone. Thank you again and Merry Christmas!


Sam Thomas

22 November 2013

  Passed first time - 22 November

I passed first time with Peter.  I had difficulty passing previously with other instructors but Peter was very good at ironing out all my problems.

I would recommend him if you have had any problems passing your test in the past. (NB. the picture is the one preferred by Sam)  :)

Ania Pulka

11 October 2013

 Passed her driving test  - 11 October

I passed my test when I was 8 months pregnant!  I would strongly recommend Peter as a great teacher.  He has a very individual coaching style that depends on your personality.  He perfectly tailored his coaching methods to suit my character and my needs.  I had two previous instructors and I was lacking in confidence, but Peter corrected my faults and I was able to forget about my lack of confidence.  I started to believe that one day I would be driving!  Peter also has a great sense of humour and I need to warn you about his intelligence - which can be as challenging as much as driving!  We had a lot of fun learning to drive but if you are brainless then do not take a chance with Peter's quick humour ;-)  You'll love your lessons!  Ania

Bev Cooper

04 October 2013

 Passed with 3 faults - 04 October

I would like to say a huge thank you to Peter.  He is an amazing instructor who I wholeheartedly recommend.  He took someone who was nervous and unable to function both arms and legs at the same time to passing with 3 minors.  I really will miss my lessons with Peter and I'm sure he'll miss having to wake me up knocking on the door before a lesson.  Overall, Peter is a fantastic instructor with the patience of a saint, who always let me take my lessons at my own pace and will always go that extra mile for his students.  He doesn't only teach someone to pass their test, he also teaches them to drive safely and we even stopped for coffee (before my test) giving me the chance to learn some "real world" parking.  Before I took my test I never thought I would feel confident driving and I'm already driving loads since passing yesterday!  I found learning to drive quite a challenge but Peter is great at putting people at ease and making lessons enjoyable and fun. Even now that I've passed my test I always know that Peter is only on the other end of the phone and would be more then happy to hear from me.  Bev x

Astrid Goldsmith

01 October 2013

 Passed First Time - 01 October

I would wholeheartedly recommend learning to drive with Peter.  Driving always seemed like a terrifying, murky field of mystery to me, which is why I put off learning for nearly 14 years.  Peter was endlessly patient and never made me feel like an idiot for being so clueless.  I feel very lucky to have had such a kind and intelligent instructor.  I will miss him outlining the plots of his new stories while I parallel park and the 5-minute debate breaks.  And I passed first time!  I'm so grateful to Peter for all his help.  He's the best!

Harry Taylor

04 September 2013

 Passed First Attempt with

Having had a previous instructor and failing my driving test 3 times, I took a few months off driving before I found Peter Blight online.  I was nervous about starting again after failing before, but Peter corrected my steering faults and bad gear-changing habits that I had picked up and made me a better driver, who could drive not just safely but confidently and when I took my first test under Peter, I passed!  Friendly, Positive and a great teacher!  Definitely pick Peter!!!! - Harry Taylor

Jasmine Attia

03 September 2013

 Passed First Time 03 September

Jasmine Attia passed on her first attempt at Folkestone driving test centre.  It wasn't always easy for Jasmine but she stuck to her task through the good days and the not so good days...  She worked hard to pass her Theory and Hazard Perception tests first time and we tried to make her into as good a driver as she thought she was!  All the effort paid off and her first time pass was well deserved  :) - Peter 

Alex Kalorkoti

28 August 2013

 Passed First Time  with 3 minor faults

I passed my test first time with 3 minors thanks to Peter.  He is a great instructor who is thorough, patient and friendly.  I had 3 driving instructors before Peter because I moved around a lot and he is by far the best instructor I have had.  I was very lucky to have Peter to help me pass my test, I couldn't have done it without him.  He is brilliant at building your confidence and making sure you take your test when you are ready.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take driving lessons and pass their test. 

Rachel Tubby

23 August 2013

 Passed First Time - Friday 23 August

Rachel Tubby is leaving her job at Lidl for the land of numbered bank accounts, Swiss clocks, cheeses, and chocolate that hurts your mouth... 

She really only had one chance and she didn't make it easy...  But she learnt with me and became the second of five1st time passes in 13 days - Peter


Semosh Sunwar

19 August 2013

 Passed First Time with 2 minor faults

I passed my test first time with 2 minors which really speaks for Peter's instructing skills.  He was always very friendly and gave clear instructions, never losing his calm.  He never rushed me with my driving so I learnt everything in a smooth pace and was ready for whatever I had to learn next.  I thoroughly enjoyed every single lesson with Peter and would recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive safely and efficiently :D 


Emma Garnett

21st May 2013

Passed First Time with 3 minor faults

For somebody who never thought they would be confident enough to drive at 17, Peter changed this instantly within my first lesson.  My confidence grew each week as the lessons were taken at a pace I felt comfortable with.  If I had a bad lesson there was never any negativity- Peter believed in me the whole way through.  An absolutely amazing instructor.  I will truly highly recommend Peter, having just passed my test first time.  Thank you so so much for your patience and confidence in me! 

Kizzie Roberts

16th May 2013

Passed 16 May 2013

'I cannot recommend Pete enough, he was a great instructor who was always patient with me.  Had a brilliant time learning and felt completely comfortable with Pete.  He always knew when I wasn't on top form and would always take things at my pace.  Also had tissues at hand when needed!  Couldn't choose a nicer guy and a better instructor!'

Sophie Baker

19th April 2013

Passed first time 19th April 2013

''I was not the easiest of pupils to teach but after a year of lessons I managed to pass first time with 6 minors and could not have done it without Peter's help!  I especially found roundabouts difficult but Peter took the time to go through it all and explain them in detail for me, so I had a better understanding, and reassured me.  Whenever I was worrying about anything Peter always managed to calm me down and help the situation.  I don't think I could have asked for a more patient instructor!  Thanks so much!  :)''

Ersin Cicek

22nd March 2013

Passed 22nd March 2013

I passed my test with Peter on my second try.  I am Turkish and have had a license for many years, but English roads and rules are very different to me.  I had trouble with other instructors who didn't understand me or have not had much patience for me.  But Peter was superb, friendly and reliable.  He had a lot of time and patience for me and helped me overcome my confidence and language issues.  He put me at ease straight away and concentrated on the areas that I struggled with.  The option of 1 and a half hour lessons was also most helpful to me.  I cannot praise Peter enough for the time, patience, effort and faith he had in me to overcome the barriers I had faced with others as a foreigner!  Many thanks to you Peter.  Highly recommended and I am now happy and confident driving on English roads.  Ersin  :)

Harriet Shortall

8th February 2013

Passed with four driving faults - 8th February 2013

I passed my test with only 4 minors.  Peter has been a great help with my driving as I was definitely not a confident driver to start with!  I would definitely recommend taking lessons with Peter as we went through things at my own pace and he made me feel at ease about what I was doing . I'd like to thank Peter for all of his hard work and support.  Harriet

Dominic Cotton

28th January 2013

Passed with one driving fault - 28th January 2013

Passed today with only 1 minor driving fault!  I'm so happy!  Wanting to join the Ambulance Service so I really needed to find an instructor that would teach me how to drive to a very high and safe standard!  I got this with Peter and I would recommend him any day!  Thanks, Pete!

Fiona McLennan

14th January 2013

Passed First Time - 14th January 2013 with one driving fault

Passed my test 1st time with only 1 minor and couldn't have done it without Peter!  He was very understanding and looks at you as an individual.  He takes your personality into account and if you have any weaknesses he’ll help you as much as possible!  He goes through everything clearly and won't rush if you don't understand.  He is also calm and has faith, there were several times I would say 'I can't do it' and he made me believe I could!  Very happy with my result! Thanks so much Peter, choose him he's great!
Fiona McLennan

Chloe Bartlett

9th January 2013

Passed First Time - 9th January 2013 with one driving fault

Peter is extremely knowledgeable, and any questions I had about the practical side of driving or the theory, he answered clearly and in depth.  He even showed me diagrams to help me understand things clearer, which really helped as I'm more of a visual learner.  He always asked if I understood what he was explaining and was so patient and calm and would explain things over and over, in different ways, until I understood them.  He always believed in me, and gave me positive feedback during and after my lessons, which helped me to feel less nervous and believe in myself and become a confident, safe driver.  Hence the first time pass, with only 1 minor!!!!  He would always easily identify the things I struggled with or felt less confident with, and would practice them with me until I felt happy and confident with them, and I learnt at a pace that was right for me.  In addition, anything I mentioned to him that I felt I needed more practice on, he would go over with me until I felt happy with them.  Very reliable and always turned up on time.  The lessons were very enjoyable and i'm going to miss them. 

He makes you feel comfortable and was very easy to talk to, had a great sense of humour, as well as a great singing voice  :D

I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.  He gave me the confidence in my abilities and I couldn't have asked for a more amazing instructor.  Thank you so much :)  I honestly never thought in a million years I could do as well as I did, but I have proved myself wrong and it's all thanks to having such a wonderful instructor.  I never could have done it without you. Thank yous  :)       Chloe

Meg Kinley

12th December 2012

Passed her driving test - 12th December 2012

Peter was my second instructor as my first one didn't teach me much and knocked my confidence about driving right down.  But Peter brought it back up again, because he is the best driving instructor you could have!  He is extremely patient and makes you stay positive :)   Thank you so much  :)

Kim Prothero

5th December 2012

Passed her driving test - 5th December 2012

What else can I say, Peter Blight is a fab driving instructor!  He was my second instructor as I didn't learn anything from the first one...  Massive thank you to Peter.  I will miss my driving lessons cos they have been so enjoyable.  Peter is extremely calm and patient, really funny and easy to talk to.

Thank you again, dude!  Deffo a recommended driving instructor!  :)  



Maria Al-Aidi

30th November 2012

Passed First Time - 30th November 2012

After a bad experience with my first instructor I was a nervous driver and never thought I would be able to past my test. But thanks to Pete's patience and calmness I really enjoyed learning

to drive with him and passed my test first time! Thanks Pete! You're a great driving instructor :) x

Kara Fleming

7th November 2012

Passed First Time with - 7th November 2012

After failing my driving test quite badly with another instructor I went to Peter, who kindly fitted me into his already packed schedule. He really helped to improve my confidence and could immediately see where I needed help and enabled me to improve much quicker than I expected. I would like to say a big thank you to Peter!

Anon - Hawkinge

24th October 2012

Courtney Waller Passed First Time - 2 Driving Faults

Courtney Waller

10th October 2012

Courtney Waller Passed First Time - 5 Driving Faults

Passed my test FIRST TIME with 5 minors. Thanks to Peter :)
Peter is a fantastic driving instructor and puts you at ease the minute you meet him. He is extremely calm and patient and is really funny - especially when I was having a blonde moment! HaHa. His instructions are clear and easy to understand, making lessons with him very enjoyable. I'm really going to miss my lessons now that I have passed! I would SERIOUSLY recommend Peter to everyone who wants to learn to drive.
A BIG thank you to Peter for everything and for helping me pass!! Look foward to seeing you again when taking my pass plus.
Courtney! :)

Peter Harris

19th September 2012

Cartoon Head Passed First Time 19th September - 4 Driving Faults

Just squeezed this test in before the lad left for college, and I have to thank my other good-hearted pupils for giving up there lessons to allow him take his driving test. A friendly warning to everyone - study well and pass your Theory test early. Don't leave it late in case you fail and need to re-take your Theory test and then rely on the good nature of my other pupils like master Harris did!

Peter Blight

Georgia Ford

18th September 2012

Georgia Ford Passed First Time 18th September - 2 Driving Faulys

Passed my driving today. First time with only 2 minors! Peter is excellent for preparing you for your test. He goes through everything clearly and you are almost guaranteed a first time pass with Peter Blight!!

USE HIM! It will not be regretted.
Thank you again!!

Just a little bit extreme! I can't guarantee a pass - but we can certainly try! Peter

Christina Johnson

14th September 2012

Christina Johnson Passed First Time 14th September

Passed first time!! Really didn't think I would, but Peter had faith in me! Haha . . . Massive thank you! I will miss my lessons, they have been an enjoyable experience. Went with Peter as my best friend Lisa was doing her lessons with him too and passed first time. I would highly reccomend Peter to anyone as he is very paitent, calm and makes you feel comfortable, easy to talk to, great sense of humor and lessons are relaxed. He has put up with my bad days (poor Peter!). I used to say "I cant do it" when I felt I struggled, but Peter encouraged me and I came home from my lessons with POSITIVE feed back every time!! You may even get to hear him have a singalong . . . BONUS!

Laura Jenkins

23rd July 2012

Laura Jenkins Passed First Time with 4 driving faults

Passed my driving test first time with just 4 minors which I am so happy with! Can't help but feel that if i didn't have Peter as an instructor I may not have been as confident - as we had gone over all aspects of driving thoroughly and at my own pace!!
I personally would recommend Peter to absolutely anyone :) His patience, sense of humour and structured lessons are what made my driving lessons a good and happy experience.
Thanks soo much again, Peter. Hope to see you soon!

for testimonial...


 Amy Russell

25th June 2012

Amy Russell Passed First Time with 2 driving faults

'Peter was a fab instructor.  I have a lot of on and off days and mad mood swings and anxiety, but it didn't phase Peter in the slightest.  He pushed me when i was having a good day and he held back and was supportive when i needed it.  He was so good at reading my moods and knowing what I needed on the day.  I'm suprised with all my challenges that I passed so quickly: first time and only 2 minors.

Thanks so much for not only giving me my freedom but giving me confidence in my abilities too.'

Just wanted to say again how thankful I am.  Phoned nan and she was surprised I passed because of the 3 week break!  But you always had faith in me, even though i was feeling a little touch and go this morning.  

I will be forever grateful.  Amy

Brad Fenlon

9th May 2012

Cartoon Head with Beard Passed First Time with 1 driving fault

Brad works away and never got round to leaving a testimonial. Brad was good fun to teach and had an excellent test with one fault which says it all!


You could be next!

?? ?? 2012

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Michael Nash

3rd May 2012

Michael Nash Passed First Time with 3 driving faults

Peter was a fantastic instructor that I would highly recommend to anyone.  He always made sure that I was comfortable with every aspect of driving and focused on making me a good driver, not just on passing the test.  His patience and perseverance took me to a first time pass and has given me the confidence so that I can now tackle any road I want to with no issues.

Meg Gladwin

29th March 2012

Megan Gladwyn Passed First Time!

I passed my driving test first time last week which was brilliant!!! :)  I would definitely recommend Peter!  He is extremely patient, funny, knowledgeable and enthusiastic and was a fantastic teacher!
Thank you so much Peter!!!!!! :)
Megan xx

Naomi Bygrave

13th March 2012

Naomi Bygrave Passed First Time with 4 driving faults

My sister, Courtz, passed first time with Peter so I thought I'd better go with him as well.  It was a great experience and definitely the right choice!  We had a kicking time learning to drive and when I'd been working late and felt tired we'd stop for a coffee before I did something we both might regret!!!  It worked out fantastic and on the day I really didn't want to take my test.  Peter said I would pass and coaxed me into the Test Centre (more coffee of course) and guess what?  I passed first time!  Peter has everything you want from a great driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.  A fantastic experience!  xxx

Joe Elam

9th March 2012

Joe Elam Passed First Time with 2 driving faults - 9th March2012

I passed my driving test first time with just 2 minors.  I am extremely pleased and would like to say a big thank you to Peter Blight for teaching me to drive correctly and safely, and making driving such a great experience.  Highly Recommended!!!  Thanks Peter

 Billy Bokju - First Time pass.  Oops almost forgot about Billy!  Passed first time and had a really good drive that made his dad very happy...  Billy is a popular lad and should do well at Uni.  Best of luck!  

Tom Heduan

27th February 2012

Tom Heduan Passed First Time - 27th February 2012

I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone learning to drive.  He was reliable, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.
Peter had a lot of patience and was always good humoured (no matter how often you kept on making the same mistake).  He covered off routes and manoeuvres and picked up on my weak points and encouraged me to remedy them and kept practising them until I did remedy them! 
Thanks again, Peter

Adrian Ross

24th February 2012

Cartoon Head Passed First Time - 24th February 2012

Peter had a calm and relaxed approach from day one.  He was not like my first instructor, and cooly dealt with the many difficulties we faced and made enjoyable what could have been a horrendous experiience!

I'm far from the most confident of drivers but, despite my doubts on Test day, Peter said I would pass.  And having full trust in his word I knew it was to be and we got our First Time pass!  

Cheers Peter for what was nothing short of a miracle!  Adrian   

Ashley Bell

17th January 2012

Ashley Bell Passed First Time - 17th January 2012

I passed my driving test first time with 5 minors!  Before I started lessons with Peter I had a different instructor who I didn't find professional, and who didn't give me the confidence I needed.  When I then started my lessons with Peter I noticed such a big change in my confidence when driving.  He taught me not just to pass my test but how to drive!  I would recommend him to anyone who has learnt before or is just starting!  :)

Carla Marsh

16th January 2012

Carla Marsh I passed my test today with the amazing help of Peter Blight.  Before I started my lessons with Peter the thought of driving was so daunting.  I was so nervous and even frightened about driving, but from the first day I met Peter he put me at ease and made me realise I would get there, no matter how long it took.  Peter has a bedrock of patience which I am so grateful for.  Every lesson was enjoyable with just the right amount of difficulty to challenge me and teach me new skills but still keep me at ease and comfortable.  So many doors have now opened for me now that I have passed.  Thank you, Peter. for all you have done for me!  Your cheery personality made learning to drive a very positive experience and I will miss your singing!  I would highly recommend Peter Blight to anyone that wants to learn to drive safely and with confidence. 
I look forward to seeing you soon for my pass plus! 
Carla xx

Rimona Rai

13th January 2012

Rimona Rai First pass of 2012!

YAY!  I've passed my driving test thanks to Peter, who is truly the best Driving Instructor there is!  Although I was quite bad to start with, he was never impatient and taught me at my own pace, and only motivated me more to get my driving right.  So thank you again, Peter!
Rimona x

Matt Avery

22nd December 2011

Mathew Avery 

Passed My Driving test today!  A MASSIVE thank you to Peter Blight.  What a fantastic Man.  Great instructor, couldn't be more happy :)  Always in a great mood after and before a driving lesson. 
Pete not only teaches you how to drive, but how to drive safely and responsibly.  He's made me fully confident in my capability as a driver and i would fully reccomend anyone to him.  Thank You So Much, Pete  :)

Rebecca Burkinshaw

20th December 2011

Female Head Passed First Time 20th December 2011

Waiting for a testimonial from a heavily pregnant Rebecca who passed 1st time just before Christmas, and with one week to go before her due date!  She did amazingly well and got a well-deserved pass  :)

Well done, Rebecca! 

Lisa Bailey

13 December 2011

Lisa Bailey Passed First Time 13th December 2011 with ONE driving fault

Yaaay!  Passed my driving test 1st time with only 1 minor!!  All thanks to Peter Blight...  The best driving instructor ever!  He always makes you feel calm when you're stressing out.  He's very reliable, ALWAYS on time.  You might even get to hear him sing if your lucky!  Thank you sooo much :)

Hannah Luckett

09 December 2011

Female Head Silhouette Hannah Luckett from Saltwood passed First Time 9th December 2011

Wooo Hooo!
Passed my driving test this week on my first attempt!!!  All thanks to Peter.  He's a very patient, friendly and very amusing driving instructor!!!  Peter works very hard to make sure you're a confident safe driver and he instantaneously makes you feel at ease.  I would and will recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor. Thanks Peter x

Russell Flisher

24 November 2011

Cartoon Moon Face Passed First Time with two driving faults 24 November 2011.

Russell Flisher passed with two driving faults on his first attempt.  Russell is from Dymchurch and therefore isn't really up to date on things like facebook or emails!  So, I'm doing it for him . . .

Well done, Russell.  A very good drive with an excellent pass.  Now to get to grips with those new fangled computer thingys  :) 

Jenny Chin

01 November 2011

Jenny Chin Passed with 3 faults 1st November 2011

One of the happiest days of my life…  I passed my driving test.  Thanks to you, sir (Peter) who had done his very best in guiding me, dedicated and utmost patience in rectifying my old driving bad habits.  :)  I have progressed very well and picked up a lot of good tips to become a good driver.  Lots of laughter during our driving sessions, will miss those times.  Thanks again for being such a fantastic instructor & friend. 

Suzanne Forrest

September 19 2011

Suzanne Forrest Passed 1st time.  'I could not thank Peter enough for all his hard work in helping me pass my test 1st time!  A friendly instructor who provides excellent structured lessons; with Peter's encouragement I feel like a safe and confident driver.  Very highly recommended!'  Suzie


Rachel Kellers

September 16 2011

Rachel Kellers Passed first time 16 September with 3 minor faults! 

I really enjoyed my driving lessons!!  They were good becuase the progression was at a good pace!!  Thanks, Peter, for helping me pass my test first time with 3 minors!!  Happiest day of my life!!!!  :)  Rachel


Evelyn Fleming

September 12 2011

Evelyn Fleming I passed my driving test this week :)  Peter really helped me to gain confidence, and I feel that he has taught me the skills not just to pass my test, but to be a good, careful driver afterwards too.

I would definitely recommend him. Thank you Peter!  Evelyn


Nadine Permaul

September 07 2011

Nadine Permaul Passed my test FIRST TIME.  I was so impressed with how patient Peter was and how hard he worked with me to make sure that not only did I pass my test, but that I was a careful and confident driver even after I passed my test.  Thank you so much Peter, I don't think I could have asked for a better instructor!


Sarah Dorey

July 25 2011

Sarah Dorey I only had a limited time to pass my test when I came to Peter to learn to drive as my theory test was running out but, despite the added pressure, I passed first time with him thanks to his excellent and patient instruction.  His lessons were well structured and ensured that every aspect of driving was covered - he taught me to drive, not just to pass my test and I now feel confident to enjoy the freedom of driving on my own.  I can't thank Peter enough for his friendly and helpful teaching and I would recommend him to anyone :)  Sarah


Hannah Dempsey

July 19 2011

Hannah Dempsey Passed my driving test today, very happy indeed.  Pete is a great driving instructer.  I would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor as he is very good at his job and has a lot of time and patience for his learner drivers.  Thank you very much, Pete!



Mai Smith

May 24 2011

Mai Smith Yaaay!!  Passed my test this week could not be happier.  Peter is a great teacher who has taught me to be a safe and ,especially, a patient driver!  Thank you, Peter  :) Mai

Beth Cox

May 11 2011

Beth Cox I passed my driving test today first time and could not thank Peter Blight enough.  I learnt in a great, patient and comfortable environment and have gone from being nervous all the time to being confident with my ability to drive.  Thank You very much to Peter Blight :)

Libby Chambers 

April 10 2011

Libby Chambers I passed my driving test this week and it was all down to Peter Blight.  He is a fantastic driving instructor and through his lessons I now have the skills not only to have passed my test but to be a safe and confident driver alone.  I would highly recommend him to other learners!  Thank you, Peter!  Libby

Teresa Millett 

Mar 25 2011

Teresa Millett I hadn't driven for years when my work told me I needed to drive.  On my last time I had different instructors and lots of problems with my nerves.  This time I got it right first time!  I went with Peter Blight's driving school, and the lessons were relaxed and positive.  We had a laugh and Peter told me I could do it.  And I did!  I passed 1st time with one minor fault!  I'm free, and can't thank Peter enough.  I'm gonna recommend him to everyone!  Thanks for believing in me, Peter  xxx Teresa

Courtney Bygrave Mar 08 2011

Coutney Bygrave I passed my driving test first time today with only 4 minors!  I am so glad I decided to take lessons with Peter Blight, he made me so calm and relaxed as I was a very nervous pupil.  Deciding to go withPeter Blight's Driving School was the best decision I've made.  I honestly cannot recommend him enough!  I will miss the lessons, but am looking very forward to doing the Pass Plus! 

Thank you sooo much Peter! xx


Sarah Hattam Mar 03 2011
Sarah Hattam Woo hoo! Just passed my driving test this week first time with 4 minors.  If you're a nervous driver like I was, then definitely go with Peter Blight as he is very patient and makes you feel totally at ease.  Couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I'm so happy I passed first time.  Thanks Pete!  

Krsty Grimmett Feb 26 2011

Kirsty Grimmett I was a very nervous pupil to begin with but Peter Blight made me feel very calm and relaxed. He is an excellent driving instructor and I passed first time with 4 minors on 25/02. I was so pleased and it's all thanks to Peter. So thank you very much. I would highly recommend him for all you learners out there!  

Xiaou Fang Wu                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Feb 18 2011
Xiaou Fang Wu (known as Meggie) Known as Meggie! Meggie works at the Hop Kweng restaurant in Folkestone and speaks very little English. She passed her test on Thursday 17th Feb with Peter Blight's Driving School and is now a very happy lady. Meggie asked me to write something for her, and I can say that she was an excellent student and worked very hard to achieve her test pass. Despite the language difficulty she kept going and always had a smile on her face. Meggie deseves all the luck in the world and I wish her the very best with her driving. Well done, Meggie! - Peter Blight


RomaJan 21 2011
Roma Thank you, Peter, for my test pass. Peter is a very patient and polite man. English is not my first language, but he helped me understand about driving very well. Thank you for Peter Blight's driving school, and making my lessons with you easy and comfortable. I'm looking forward to my Pass Plus. Roma
Fiona McKay Jan 26 2011

  I passed my test today and I'd just like to thank Peter Blight for being an excellent driving instructor.  He was patient and is a lovely guy.  I appreciate all of his help and couldn't ask for a better instructor!  Thank you so much for all your help Peter!  I look forward to doing my pass plus with you! x