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Testimonial Archive

Small Red Car Winking 2009 / 2010 Testimonials from new drivers that learnt to drive with Peter Blight's Driving Lessons in Folkestone and Hythe


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Sarah Hattam: One of the first of our 2011 testimonials.  Click here for more


Sarah Hattam Passed First Time - 4 Minor faults

Woo hoo! Just passed my driving test this week first time with 4 minors.  If you're a nervous driver like I was, then definitely go with Peter Blight as he is very patient and makes you feel totally at ease.  Couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I'm so happy I passed first time.  Thanks Pete!


Janet Zimba

15 December 2010, at 7.33 pm

Janet Zimba  Wow!  I passed my driving test today thanks to Peter Blight.  Words cannot express the way I feel at the moment.  Learning to drive did not always come easy, determination is the moto, always remember that not all five figures are the same### there is a mysterious cycle in human events... to some generations much is is given, and PETER Blight gives you that extra.  The man is a legend who puts his learner first.  Hence with hard work and perseverance from myself and Peter we reached the ultimate goal. 

So if you need an instuctor with patience, understanding and a good sense of humour, friendly then Peter is the instructor for you. xxxxx 
Thanks again Peter for believing in me, being able to drive will change my life.  Janet xxxxxxx


Sophie Bedwell 

25 2010f November 2010, at 2.54 pm

Sophie Bedwell  Thank you Peter Blight for helping me pass my test first time.  I found my lessons very enjoyable, and Peter helped me become a confident driver. So thank you very much! Sophie Bedwell


Rosie Gillard

19 2010 November 2010, at 9.12 pm

Thank you so much Peter Blight for helping me pass my test first time, with 2 minors! Peter put me in for my test at the perfect time, and I could not have done it without your help.  I’ve come from being so nervous and scared, to being confident and safe on the roads.  Peter is extremely patient, friendly, and calmed me down during the stressful moments.  I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you Peter!


Kirsty Thomas 

18 2010 November 2010, at 6.22 pm

Kirsty Thomas I had 2 AA instructors before my first driving test and failed with 8 minors and 3 majors! So, with only 5 weeks until my retake i decided to find a new, better instructor. Loads of people told me about Peter Blight and couldnt speak highly enough of him! So I gave him a go and it was my best decision ever! As well as being a great instructor, Peter is a lovey person and put up with my frustrated moments, haha. He not only taught me how to pass my test but how to drive in the 'real world' - I couldnt have asked for anymore! I PASSED my second test with only 2 minors! I have never been happier! I cannot thank him enough for transforming me into the driver I am now. Thank you for everything Peter!!! 



1 of September 2010, at 9.55 pm

Miles Big thanks to Peter Blight who helped me pass my driving test first time today with 5 minors!  Brilliant teacher, helps you overcome any problems which ultimately  leads to a calm and successful test! Thank you so much.



9 of August 2010, at 10.30 pm

Kathir Am very excited to pass my test today first time and I would like to thank Peter Blight for helping me in achieving this.  Peter rightly identified my weaknesses and helped throughout in correcting those mistakes.  I wouldn't have passed the test first time without Peter's effort.  I'd certainly recommed Peter to any new learners.


Harry Thornton      


Harry Thornton I would just like to say THANK YOU to PETER BLIGHT for helping me pass my driving test first time and with only 3 minors.  Whenever I got in the car with Peter he made me feel confident and relaxed.  I will recommend Peter to anyone who wants to pass first time.  Thanks again Peter, you will be missed a lot.


Georgina Humphries 

19 of June 2010, at 8.00 pm

Georgina Humphries A very big thank you to a fabulous driving instructor – PETER BLIGHT.  I passed my test 1st time, 6 months to the day and date with only 4 minors on Thursday 17th June 2010.  Peter has a way of making you feel calm and confident at all times.  I would highly recommend Peter to all those wanting to learn to drive.  You're the best !!!  


Sarah Baker

16 of June 2010, at 4.25 pm

Sarah Baker I was so pleased when I passed my driving test first time with only 3 minors last week!  And it's all down to Peter Blight!  He was the best driving instructor and was always calm when I panicked, especially on the test day!!  His random singing also helped me and he always made me laugh.  I'd recommend him to anyone who asks as he's the best!!  

Thanks, Peter


Emma Piper

7 of June 2010, at 7.45 pm

Emma Piper Can't believe I passed my test today! with only 3 minors!!!  Couldn't be happier!  And its all thanks to Peter Blight the best instuctor eva!  So patient and friendly and really pushed me wen I needed it, would really recommend anyone to go with peter!  Thank u so much for 2day u were fab!!!


Hannah Baker 

2 of June 2010, at 9.33 pm

  Would like to say a huge thank you to Peter Blight who helped me pass my driving test FIRST TIME round today!  Peter is a fantastic instructor who is patient, calm, reassuring and understanding, and I could not have passed without him.  I would recommend Peter to anyone wishing to pass their test first time as he is the best instructor out there!








Karina Pearson      

27 of May 2010, at 10.00 pm

Karina Pearson I passed first time on the 25th May with Peter Blight! He's a brilliant driving instuctor, he was patient and encouraging!

Would definitely recommend him!      Karina Pearson 








Jyoti Sherchan, Helen Orbidans, Josh Benjamin, Jasmine Al-aidi, Oliver Moore 


Josh Benjamin "Would like to thank Peter Blight for helping me pass my driving test and for being patient while I learnt." 

Josh Benjamin


...Josh passed his driving test on Friday 14th May with five driving faults.  Josh took a break from driving to concentrate on his studies then flew through his test - no problem.  Well done, Josh!  Peter

Jyoti Sherchan Jyoti Sherchan passed her test first first time with 4 driving faults on Thursday 6th May.  Jyoti is Nepalese with little English and drove extremely well to pass her test.  It was also a huge boost for her Ghurkha husband who is away fighting on our behalf in Afghanistan.  Jyoti was a model pupil and thoroughly deserved to pass her test at her first attempt.  As she is still learning English, I hope Jyoti will be able to read this message of congratulations on her well deserved success.  I wish Jyoti all the best in the future and the safe return of her husband  

Helen Orbidans Helen Orbidans also passed her test 1st time with 4 driving faults on 27th April .  I wasn't her first instructor but I was her last!  In Helen case, she was just too, too busy to write her own testimonial so, for the record, this is it.

Jasmine Al-aidi Jasmine Al-aidi another busy lady that passed her test at the second attrmpt with three minors.  A very happy lady to have passed her test in December 2010 with me.


Cartoon Head Oliver Moore: Not even a photo to show of Olliver Moore.  Ollie doesn't much like computers and isn't on Facebook, but he did manage to pass his driving test in November 2010.  It wasn't always easy as Ollie is a great driver but suffered from nerves...  Didn't matter in the end when he got a good test pass.  Well done, Ollie!   



Peter Blight DSA ADI all from Peter Blight


Karen Taylor 

6 of March 2010, at 10.12 pm

 Karen Taylor I'm 34,and 6 months ago I had my very first driving lesson.  I passed my driving test 1st time on Wednesday!!  Thank you PETER BLIGHT!  Peter is very patient but also pushed me when I needed it.  Thanks again Peter, you were great on Wednesday.

I wouldn't have been able to do it without you.        


Michelle Standen 

5 of March 2010, at 2.56 pm

Female Silhouette I've just Passed my Driving test 1ST Time with great thanks to PETER BLIGHT.  Couldn't have done it without Peter.  He was my second instructor and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to pass 1st time.  Peters singing & cheerfulness always brightens up even the dullest of days. What a great guy!  Cheers, Peter     


Yasar Dalkilic 

20 of January 2010, at 11.33 pm

Yasar Dalkillic Well...  what can I say...  First time pass with 3 minors, a big thank to PETER BLIGHT.  He is so amazing and fun to drive with.  I've enjoyed every bit of driving with him.  He is just the best instuctor you can ever have.  He is so calm and patient .  If you want to pass first time then PETER BLIGHT is the man to get in contact with.  He is an awesome instructor.  Thanks a million PETER.      


Michael Dunk 

8 of December 2009, at 3.41 pm

Michael Dunk Thanks Peter for putting me through my test and making me pass.  You're the best drving instructor I've had.

I have had 2 previous instructors (with three driving tests) and one told me to give up driving! But you got me through it. Thanks again, Michael Dunk, Ashford


                Note from Peter: Michael travelled from Ashford for his lessons and passed at his 1st attempt in Folkestone!

Hui He

8 November 2010

Hui He Congratulations to Hui He from the Golden Wing take-away for passing his driving test on 8th November 2010 with 2 driving faults and 1 fault on his Show me / Tell me. As Hui doesn't speak much English he did well by getting his second question correct. Well done Hui and the very best of luck with your driving. And it was always a great pleasure teaching you to drive. Peter Blight
Grace Fairbairn 

9 of November 2009, at 2.11 pm

Female Silhouette  Peter is just awesome. He's calm, kind, and 'has the patience of a saint'. Thanks to him I just passed with only 2 minors, would recommend him to absolutely anyone wanting to learn or wanting to switch instructors, as I would never have passed without him  =]  

Thanks again dude, see you around on the roads.

Ryan Conyers

13 October 2010

Ryan Conyers Hi Pete, just wanted to say that I can't thank and praise you enough for teaching me so well and safely that I managed to pass my test first time! And considering it's the New Test too. and I'm stupid! lol... Thanks again, Pete, I wouldn't have chose anyone other than you to teach me to drive. I couldn't have done it without you mate :)
Tom Homewood 

4 of November 2009, at 7.21 pm

Tom Homewood  I'd just like to say a massive thanks to Peter Blight for being an amazing driving instructor and getting me through my test. I would highly recomend Peter if anyone is looking for an instructor. He gives you all the skills needed and progresses you fast. When you get to know him youll have a laugh on the way. Thanks Peter 

Abbie Riley

1 of November 2009, at 8.59 pm

Abbie Riley Thank you Peter!!!! Passed first time! Thanks to peter, keeping me calm in all the lessons and teaching me well! Help me to crack the nasty roundabouts  Highly recomend Peter to new learners!  Thank you soo much for being a brilliant teacher and getting me to pass! I'lll see you on the road...        Abbie
Katie Cutmore 

9 of November 2009, at 8.17 pm

Katie Cutmore Woop Woop!! I have just passed my driving test 3rd time lucky. And its all thanks to the amazing, one and only PETER BLIGHT! I was really nervous at the beginning but with Peter's brilliant teaching, constant reasurance and patience (even on the bad days) I didn't give up. I really couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor!     

       Note from Peter: Katie was an extremely nervous pupil and drove exceptionally well for her pass.  Well done!

Laura Tillyer

5 of July 2009, at 5.41 pm

Female Head A massive thanks to Peter Blight for getting me through my test, finally! By the time I started learning with him I had had 2 previous instructors and failed 4 tests. My confidence in my own driving was nil, but Peter helped me gain confidence and driving skills, and I passed my test on Wednesday, which I never felt I'd do, and all of it was down to Peter's teaching! Thank you Peter
Matt Harris 

17 of April 2009, at 5.48 pm

Matt Harris  First of all the biggest "THANKYOU" to Peter Blight!! well lets be honest the best instuctor at the BIG RED L!!  Well I couldn't of asked for much more than Peter, smiling every lesson, being clam, patience, and having a good old laugh, all of these you need to have in an GOOD instructor to have the best time learning to drive, WHICH I DID!!  And from it I passed 1ST TIME !! with 5 faults. the best feeling ever!!
Thanks Peter....

Hannah Garnett

24 of June 2009, at 2.16 pm

Hannah Garnett Just wanted to say a big thank you to Peter Blight! I passed my test first time yesterday and it's all thanks to such a great instructor! He is always so patient and understanding - I'd recommend him to anyone! Thank you 

Emma Jenkins

13 of September 2009, at 8.41 pm

Emma Jenkins Well where do I begin..
I passed my driving test first time on wednesday 09/09/09 with only 3 minors thanks to the amazing PETER BLIGHT! I have had so much fun learning to drive and peters beautiful singing voice brightened my day. I cant speak highly enough of this man, if only all driving instructors were as patient, calm and easy going as peter  
The day before my test I was close to tears but peter reassured me i could do it and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. If anyone reading this is looking for the perfect driving instructor then look no further.. Emma
James Donald

9 of September 2009, at 1.48 pm

James Donald Thank you to Peter Blight for getting me through my test. He's always calm and patient and an excellent teacher.  Very clear when explaining things that are new, a top instructor.
Elise Hixon

7 of March 2010, at 4.58 pm

Female Head On the Monday 1st March, I passed my driving test on my second attempt. This is due to the excellent teaching of my driving instructor - Peter Blight. He is patient, understanding and dedicated; therefore I would recommend that anyone considering learning to drive choose him as their instructor.
Grant Coull

11 of December 2009, at 5.26 pm

Grant Coull Thanks Peter B!! You're amazing, thanks for getting me through my test (first time). Its been fun, hope the best for you, really good instructer and a great man.

Thanks again

Ben Goff

19 of November 2009, at 3.29 pm

Ben Goff I have just passed my driving test first time. This is with many thanks to Peter Blight! Peter was my second instructor and is an awsome bloke. I would recommend him to anyone who wants the best intructer, there is only one man! PETER BLIGHT! Thanks

Brice Dempster

28 of October 2009, at 1.43 pm

Brice Dempster Wooooo! I passed my test first time on the Monday just gone 26/10/09. Peter Blight is truly brilliant. He is patient and extremely helpful. Even in the bad lessons! I can't thank him enough times, thank you so much Peter, you're the best!
Josie Stevens

19 of April 2010, at 10.11 pm

Josie Stevens Today I passed first time with Peter Blight! He is a really great instructor, I definitely recommend him. unbelievably patient, and put me in for my test at just the right time. Focused on teaching his students to be good drivers, as well as how to pass the test. Also, has a large selection of mints that he sometimes shares, and a lovely singing voice. thank you loads Peter!


Nic Hoad

25 of January 2010, at 3.17 pm

Nic Hoad Big thanks to PETER BLIGHT. I passed my test today. first time and only had three minors. I started learning 9 years ago with a different instructor who I did not get on with, and when I started driving again in July Peter was very patient with me and gave me belief and confidence in myself. I will always have Peter talking to me in my head when I'm driving!! Big, big thanks again
Jannah Piddock

1 of August 2010, at 4.53 pm

Jannah Piddock I would like to thanks Peter Blight for putting up with me for almost 2 years (on and off) and seeing be through to my test pass. I am loving being a driver already and its only been 2 days! Following my previous post, I also thank Peter for being patient and such a laugh. Always looked forward to my lessons and the feeling when I passed was immense! Thanks Peter.


Katy Moat

3 of September 2009, at 3.39 pm

Would like to say a massive THANKYOU to Peter Blight for helping me to pass my driving test He is an excellent instructor with heaps of patience, is always calm and explains things clearly. Peter was my third driving instructor and helped me tremendously. I couldnt have passed my test without him! I would recommend him to anyone and will do! Thankyou Peter
Anastasia Kelly

13 of September 2009, at 2.50 pm

Would just like to say a big thank you, Peter Blight, for all your patience, advice and hardwork enabling me to pass my test. I would never have done it without you. What an amazing guy. If you don't have Peter as your driving instructor you must be mad!!
Michelle Dunlop

6 of July 2009, at 7.07 am

A huge thank you to Peter Blight!!! What an amazing guy! He was my first and only instuctor as he is simply the best guy! My knowledge and confidence in a car was nil and i passed my test first time with him!!!
Laura Tillyer

5 of July 2009, at 5.41 pm

A massive thanks to Peter Blight for getting me through my test, finally! By the time I started learning with him I had had 2 previous instructors and failed 4 tests! My confidence in my own driving was nil, but Peter helped me gain confidence and driving skills, and I passed my test on Wednesday, which I never felt I'd do, and all of it was down to Peter's teaching! Thank you Peter
Emma Harrisson 

8 of June 2009, at 12.27 pm

Just wanted to say thank you to Peter Blight for helping me pass first time last Tuesday (2nd June)!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wanted to learn to drive. I was so nervous but he was really patient and understood all the problems I had. Wouldn't have done it without his help.
Looking forward to Pass Plus very soon.  Oh and never forget - Cool beans 

Daniel Dempsey

29 of April 2009, at 8.55 pm

Peter Blight...... wot a legend passed 1st time cheers mate. I think if anyone wants 2 pass their driving test they should give Peter a call.  Not only is he a wicked driving instructer, he's a top bloke !!!!! thanks a million Pete   


Robert John Waghorn 

17 of April 2009, at 11.15 pm



Kellie Gwyther 

31 of March 2009, at 2.26 pm

I've just passed my test first time this morning (31/03) with only 5 minors and owe it all to the wonderful Peter Blight. I have no doubt in my mind that without all of his help and encouragement I wouldn't have done it!! So a HUGE thank you Peter, you truly are the best!!!  And thank you Big Red L for giving him to me!!!!    x x


Chris Gibson 

25 of March 2009, at 8.13 pm

Just wanted to say Peter Blight is a well cool instructor, helping me to pass 1st time, thanks for everything.  Chris



20 of March 2009, at 8.03 pm

Peter is a very patient instructor, and has helped me immensely to get over my fear of driving around at more than 5 miles an hour! Learning to drive was not without its difficulties but from the very first lessons I felt relaxed because we were learning at my pace and I slowly became more confident. I thoroughly recommend Peter to anyone! But especially those who are nervous or lack confidence – thanks for all your help Peter, looking forward to my pass plus! 

   Note from Peter: Robyn was my most nervous pupil ever!  She made it through and got her test pass :)


Dot Nicol 

17 of March 2009, at 10.28 pm

Well what can I say "a huge thank you to Peter Blight". For helping me pass 1st time. I know where the indicators are in your car now, but keep getting it wrong in my own. I will recommend you. But youll need more than rescue remedy for the next one in my house! 


Rumyanka Draganova 

8 of March 2009, at 7.01 pm

I would like to say a huge thank-you to Peter Blight. He helped me get over my fear of driving and boosted my confidence on the road. He was always ready to share tips and experince. I passed the first time thanks to his useful advice. He's always very reliable and on time. I would recommend him to everyone who is determined to pass the test from the first time.


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